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Sunday, August 14, 2005

And if you don't know, now you know

Inner Thought Cam: "Aunty Raven plays pool like a little bitch"
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I said was going to elaborate on what I did yesterday. You'll probably only find it to be interesting if you're into things like kiddie birthday parties and visits to your grandmother. So sit back and let the waves of mediocrity wash over you.

Thursday night I realized that I completely spazzed out on the date of my niece Zoe's birthday party. I thought that it was going to be today (Saturday) when, in fact, Friday, August 12th was printed quite clearly on the invitation. Had I bothered to read the invitation earlier in the week, I would have known this...but, whatever, at least I figured it out before Friday.

That said, my #1 task Friday morning was to purchase a gift for my lovely niece, which I accomplished in record time (30 minutes). I also picked out my parents' present for the child. As you'll see later, the reoccuring theme for the party made it fairly easy.

My sister Gillian (Zoe's mom and new PTA Vice-President) came by mid-afternoon to pick me and my mom up for the party. We went to Supa Target to pick up Zoe's bday cake.

The force is strong with this one
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A short time later, we arrived at Gillian's house, where I began taking pictures of "the girls".

"I had cuteness-reduction surgery here...and here..."
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All of a sudden, because Oklahoma has schizo weather -- it was sunny and normal-looking when we left my house -- the sky clouded over and this crazy thunderstorm started. I mean with like 84mph winds and rain and lightning.

Then, I had the following conversation with my nieces:

Zoe: Do you think it's a tornado?
Me: No, it's just a thunderstorm
Zoe: So, if our house gets sucked up by the tornado, we'll still be able to breathe, right?
Me: *pause* Um, I don't know...because I've never been in a house that got sucked up in a tornado...besides, it's not a tornado. It's just a thunderstorm.
Gabi: A thunderstorm is a kind of tornado.
Me: No it's not.
Zoe: My birthday party is ruined!* Nobody is going to come over (starts to cry)
Me: You're party isn't ruined, you still have your cake and your presents, we can still celebrate...
Zoe: Not if we're dead!

*The 'Awww'-Moment: she pronounced it "My burfday pawty is wuined!" -- which was cute, funny and sad all at the same time

I recorded a bit of the storm, while Zoe threw a tantrum behind me because of her "burfday pawty" being "wuined". Halfway through, I stopped recording the storm and started recording my was way more interesting than the wind.

Sorry, Jack, I guess you cain't see the video...don't worry it 'twernt no big deal no way.

About half an hour to 45 minutes later, the storm was over and the party kinda got back on track. Gillian left to go pick up a balloon bouquet that looked like this:

Do you see a pattern forming?
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Meanwhile, Zoe and I had a pool re-match. She cheated even more furiously than before. I actually wish that I'd gotten a picture of her face while she was doing it. You know that episode of Chappelle's Show where Dave is playing Street Hoops against that little cancer patient kid? And then Dave scores a point and he jumps up and goes "Hooray for ME!! In your face, Billy..."

Yeah, that's what it reminded me of

...except I was the cancer patient kid and Zoe was Dave Chappelle.

Then there was the standard birthday party fare: loud children and cake.

Zoe got a crapload of Star Wars paraphernalia -- most of which she isn't allowed to really play with (it'll be worth something someday, ya know...)

But she did get probably the coolest toy I've ever seen...

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It's a Darth Vader Mask/Voice Changer...tres cool...

Zoe was even kind enough to share it with her party guests

There can be onl...oops wrong film series
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I didn't stay too much longer after that. Robbyn, Cristal, my mom and I had an appointment with my grandma for dinner/goodies/coffee/general catch up. I was snapping a bunch of pictures in the car, but all random-like (basically just me clicking the camera without really aiming).

Most of the pictures ended up being of the seats of Robbyn's car, but I like this one of my mom...I just held the camera behind my head and told her to look at it.

Mommy, you're so pretty
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And then there's this one of my sister Cristal lookin fierce when we came to pick her up

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The funny thing about Cristal when she's not wearing her glasses is that she only has one contact lens in and it's a color contact lens. It makes her look like she has crazy eyes. At least to me. Anyway, she should either get TWO contact lenses...or just wear her damn glasses all the time.

Can you spot the Crazy Eye?
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So then we spent the rest of the evening at my grandma's like I said...

Unfortunately, I don't really have any pictures of her...but I'll probably take some the next time I go over there.

She lives out in the country on Route 66 in a house that my aunt and uncle built for her. Every time we drive out there, we pass by this place

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They sell beer and chicken.

That's all I have to say about that.

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