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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dirty Decibles

...and random things won't happen
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I replaced the fan in my computer. I've been meaning to replace it for (well over) a year (at this point). I thought the most difficult part would be the installation, but actually that was a snap (more or less). On the other hand, finding the right fan proved to be more of a challenge. Yes, I probably could have ordered one from the internet...but I'm into instant gratification.

Anyway, now my computer is considerably quieter. Hooray!

And now...on a totally unrelated note...

I don't really know where I should begin with this story, so I suppose I'll start with the time about two weeks ago when I was kickin it with my sister Cristal.

She mentioned that a friend of hers -- Hailey, who happens to have the same birthday as me -- liked to spit rhymes at this club that has an open mic night, and that she had been on stage a couple of times as Hailey's "hype-girl" (you know, the person that does the doubles on the vocal and shouts random things). Somewhere in the conversation we ventured onto the topic of beats and how Hailey needed some for her show.

Now back up a bit...

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a producer. Maybe (if I had the time, proper gear and musical ability) I'd still want to be a producer. As it is, I have none of those things. Still, before I went to Germany last year, I was doing work at this hip-hop label in OKC and I was kind of learning the ropes of producing/beat-making. During this time, I did a lot of tinkering, the results of which were some beats and loops. I ended up burning these on CD for Hailey, so that she could have something to practice with, since nothing that I've made is fit for a big PA system.

So, one night at Hailey's place, Cristal decided to spit a freestyle onto my brother Remington's voicemail. It was pretty corny...but it was funny and something along the lines of:

Mau-Mau rules!
Fuck Laos Crew
Remy B and Olatunde too
and fuck yo mama
Oh wait, that's my mama...

(By way of explanation: Remington and his friends call themselves "Laos Crew" named after his friend, Johnny, who is Laotian. Then they all took "Asian" names, such as "The Asian Sensation", "The Asian Temptation", "The Asian Persuation" ... "The Asian Stimulation" and so forth. Shortly thereafter, my friends and I started "Crew 52" and Cristal and her friends started "Mau-Mau" Ever since, our "crews" have been battling each other for supremacy. Supremacy of what? I don't know.)

Remington (currently residing in Albuquerque, NM) waited until his best friend Olatunde (aka Tunde pronounced: Tunday) came to visit before they made their Laos Crew comeback.

The comeback took place in the early hours of Friday morning and in the form of approximately 26 answering machine and voicemail messages.

They basically shat upon Mau-Mau...

Cristal was not too pleased. I, however, found it to be immensely amusing and recorded every single one of the messages and spent most of the day listening to them.

With a few splices at the beginning and end, one of the messages fit rather nicely with a loop that I made over a year ago. It made me laugh and laugh all day long.

My favorite line? When Remy says, "I wish this bitch would close the fuckin 'fridge so we could all be cool," near the end.

Anyway, it's kind hard to hear (cell phone audio is not the best quality) but here it goes...

The most straightforward rap song I've ever heard...

Remy B and Olatunde and their song, "Degrade These Hoes"

[EDIT: I hate stupid embed tags]

download here

I personally believe that there is no better proof that random things will happen when you get drunk and/or high.

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