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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Filler Post #5 - Rain, rain get the f*** outta here!

I do not want to go out into the rain today. First off, I hate driving in the rain. Secondly, I really hate driving in the rain.

However, I have to take my sister (Cristal) to her doctor's appointment because I promised her last week that I would.

Anyway, Cristal came over to the house about an hour ago, and she brought the book From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens -- The 50 Cent Story.

I just kind of glanced at her with a puzzled look on my face, to which she replied "Don't laugh, it's really good."

I dunno, I'm just glad to see you reading a book, girl.

Now, I'm fixin to go help my mama get ready to go, I promise I'll write more when I'm back from doing the shit that I need to get done.

In the meantime, André should take a gander at the following forum thread, so that we can continue the conversation that we started yesterday (Dude, where's my ghetto pass?).

And the rest of you should stop by his rather inactive livejournal to tell him congratulations for getting his diploma, being a freakin genius, and for just general awesomeness.

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