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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bizzaro world

It's nearly 3am. I've watching the news channels for the better part of the day and evening, with a few pauses for things like "gardening", dinner and beer ... and most recently a viewing of Big Trouble in Little China -- because my poor brain and soul needed some uplifting that only the wisdom of Jack Burton could provide.

Anyways, I suppose before I crash, I'd like to send out massive props to Kanye West. And I've really had my issues with him...I think he's talented (and arrogant) and he's not the messiah of hip-hop...but recently he's done a couple of of things that take some huge fucking massive...balls...all up in ya face:

1.) speaking out against homophobia in hip-hop

2.) his impromptu speech at the hurricane telethon

the former getting a big thumbs up from me...and the latter, maybe not the best chosen venue for his statements (then again, maybe it was)...but chilling to watch because he just seemed so scared shitless/frustrated/angry/sincere all at the same time. big balls and some many cool points in my book and if he donates proceeds from his new album to the relief effort, then wow...he'll be something like my new hero. or something.

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