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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Heal the world

"Not as good as sex, but it's better than jail/ Hookers cost, but so does bail/ Oh, honey, that beer is cheaper too..."
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I don't think I've actually ever in my life gone anywhere to celebrate Labor Day. Lemme think...nope. No where. However, if I were the type of person to have one last summer barbeque or go water skiing or some shit like that, I totally would not be in the mood for it...fear of water and boat propellers, aside.

So, I've been in a massive funk for the better part of the weekend, which has made me no fun to be around.

However, earlier today, I found a website that provided me with much amusement, and, in lieu of my own inane ramblings, I hereby direct you toward the inane ramblings at Modern Drunkard Magazine -- because today's world is a bad, bad, scary place...but booze can help.

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