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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Help me, Ja Rule!"

Hooray for priorities!
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Big news in Oklahoma City: Mayor Cornett and Co are drafting a proposal for the New Orleans Hornets to play at the Ford Center. It's been front page news on the craptastic Daily Oklahoman for the past week and a half. The initial offer to host the NBA team was made on September 2nd...before the Superdome was even completely evacuated.

Meanwhile, residents of Yukon, Oklahoma (less than 15 miles outside of Oklahoma City) made a big stink about New Orleans evacuees being housed in a former nursing home in their city. Apparently, the traffic increase is too much for the A&W/Long John Silver's on Garth Brooks Boulevard, thus disrupting the lives of Yukon residents. So much so, that background checks and 24-hour security will be required at the shelter.

Kinda reminds me of something Dave Chappelle said:

"I spoke at my old high school and I told them kids straight up, 'If you guys are serious about making it out of this gotta focus, you gotta stop blaming white people for your problems... and you gotta to rap...or play basketball or somethin,'re trapped! You are trapped! Either do that or sell crack! That's your only options. That's the only way ever I've seen it work! You better get to entertaining these white people, nigga...get to dancin! Go on out there and be somebody!' I just hope they listened..."

[EDIT: I woke up this morning to the sound of some Channel 4 news anchor reporting that the proposal has been approved. Yee-fuckin-haw.]

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