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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's not me...blame my NSLP

Just some suggestions to keep in mind
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This little article snippet from yesterday's Daily Oklahoman reminded me of a very brief portion of Fee's LiveJournal post (also from yesterday), in which she, Derekh - roommate of [her] heart, and Amber Weetibug went to the Northampton Brewery and drank Hefeweizen while discussing what they wanted done with their bodies after they die.

In other NSLP news...I feel like my CD game package is due to arrive any day now. Mmmmm 14 mix cds at one time...weeeee!

Silver Lining of the Day: The good thing about taking pre-employment drug screening tests is that, granted you pass, you can look forward to doing some drugs again real soon. That aside, I currently hate my life.

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