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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The oldest trick in the book

I think I spoke too soon about the highlight of my day. I just made a quick run to the corner 7-11 to buy some smokes. The nice late-night clerk chick was working (as opposed to the bitchy clerk chick with the weird skin condition who's there during the day).

Anyway, there's this old guy standing by the register and he and the clerk are chatting and laughing about something. When I get up there, the clerk turns to me and says, "Do you have a minute? Can you explain how he does this?" And I'm like, "Wha?"

So, I turn to look at the guy, and he has a small paper bag in his hand. Then he says, "Look, I have an invisible ball." Then, he proceeds to bounce said "invisible ball". He bounces it a few times before giving it one last, hard bounce...following the "ball" up with his eyes...and then "catching" it in the small paper bag. Except it really sounded like a tennis ball or something landed in the bag, even though there was nothing in there.

I thought it was pretty amazing, but then again, I'm easily fooled/impressed. And of course, I asked him to repeat the trick...and he did, with the same results.

I was still amazed, but I hadn't gotten any cigarrettes. So, I'm telling the clerk what I wanted, when the old guy starts hitting on me. He's said, "I may be 89 years old, but I know beautiful when I see don't go telling your husband I said that."

I'm like, "Ok, I won't." (for as we all know, my husband is an insanely jealous man...the damn bastard)

As I'm leaving the 7-11, the dude says to me, "You have a nice night now, Sweetie. By the way, my name is Sly...and you can find me in the phonebook under Sugar Daddy."

Oh the hilarity of it all...

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