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Monday, December 26, 2005

Filler Post #16 - Christmas Notes

Let's just say that I've had the pleasure of celebrating Jesus' birthday in better ways. This year, I decided to forego the festivities that normally take place at my Aunt Mary and Uncle George's house. I didn't want to eat in the formal dining room or drink coffee and eat cake and exchange boring small talk and pleasantries for 4-5 hours before slowly inching my way towards the door. I have a hard time describing just how uncomfortable I am whenever I'm around my dad's side of the family (my grandma being the exception). Robbyn is much better at it, which is why she's gonna inherit all of the good shit. Anyway, I came to the decision I'm going to refrain from celebrating holidays with the white side of my family. Fuck drink coasters.

I'll still drop in for the occasional visit to Grandma, though.

Yesterday after work, I went to my brother Darron's house. Why? Well, because if you're looking for the anti-picturesque, Norman Rockwellish version of Christmas...that'd be the place to find it. I heated up a plate of food and ate it standing up in the kitchen. Then I chopped it up with my little nephew Deshawn (aka Cat in the Hat). Before leaving, I went to the back room and chatted with my younger sister, until a very old woman came in and sat down in the armchair and lit up a fat blunt. I left about an hour and half later and was in bed by about 8:30pm.

But I didn't come away completely empty handed. Silver linings, right?

Anyway, speaking of work...gotta go get ready to make that skrilla...

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