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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fruit of my looms

If you get drunk and/or high and random things will's this thing we do
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At the moment, I can't think of something amusing to write. My brother Remington left a few hours ago and my heart sank.

But Pamtastic told me some really nice stuff earlier, and if there's one thing that boosts my spirits it's hearing people say nice things...about me. Also, I like how the "Pamtastic" thing has caught on...I personally feel like it's more clever than Pamalicious, cause you can work that whole pun thing in there...fantastic...Pamtastic...barbeque...I like you...I like you too. Trust me it works on so many levels.

Anyway, Päm, I hereby designate you Official Brown Person of the New Year's Party. If Wonfuzius will be there, he'll be the Official Asian...but you know how them model minorities be. You've got to hold it down for the sistas in my absence. And by "hold it down" I mean get drunk as shit...

On a completely different note, here is some aural shizz for your listening pleasure (about a month too late)

Hau rein, bitches...

Laos Crew ft. Tunde's little brother, Kenny and an intro from Raven - Thanksgiving Freestyle

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