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Monday, December 12, 2005

Today I didn't even have to use my AK*

*Alright, so I don't have an AK, but I did see a sign that says "Hattery"...pretty close to having a good day, dontcha think?
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I'm taking my floating holiday from work tomorrow. Hooray for a paid day off! And hooray for having a paid day off before my two regular days off, which equals a 3 day weekend! At the beginning of the week! (Up is down, down is up, etc)

Tonight, I went to Robbyn's office Christmas party. Robbyn works for our Uncle George (my dad's brother-in-law) and we're somehow randomly related to a lot of other people who also work for him...except we're brown. Uncle George is cool, he taught me the one card trick that I know and it makes me laugh (internally) when he talks because he sounds kind of like our current President George.

Anyway, I got a delicious free steak dinner from Cattlemen's Steakhouse and I ended up with a nice little insulated lunch bag from the Dirty Santa game.

It often astounds me sometimes that I'm related to so many "rednecks" and the fact that there were not one, but two Talking Larry The Cable Guy Dolls up for grabs during the Dirty Santa game (as well as a talking Jeff Foxworthy Doll) and these were perhaps the most coveted items throughout the proceedings...well...I mean seriously, it doesn't build a solid case against the redneckery. [EDIT: That, and I swear to God, someone said "'s a pitchure fa-rame Santy Claus!"]

But I had fun...and, most importantly, it was free and I can't complain.

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