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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

And now a word from our sponsors...

"Dear God, make me a I can fly far...far, far away from here." Repeat.
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Saturday, January 14, 2006

[10:12] André: you should always have your skype on
[10:18] André: skype can do it all, instant messaging, web cam, telephoning (even to landlines), conferencing
[10:19] André: it's a complete replacement for all that other crap
[10:21] Lebrookski: then i'd have to convert all my other friends...otherwise i'd only get to chat with you...which isn't bad...but you don't even like chatting online...
[10:23] André: yeah, bring them with
[10:23] André: start the revolution
[10:25] Lebrookski: i'll work on it...
[11:26] André: turn on skype bizatch. i wanna show you the web cam shit.

So André says it, so it shall be done. Get a headset, get skype, then we can like talk on the phone like alllll the time for free and stuff.

It'll be totally bitchin.

[EDIT: But seriously, yo, I do really like skype, because we don't actually have a long distance phone plan at my house and I don't have a cell phone or any crap like that. So, the small investment in a headset -- not all too much unlike the one I wear at work -- is worth it...just to hear the sounds of André from thousands of miles away, telling me I need to start selling crack so I can get back to Germany...

Seriously, it sounds like he's in the next room telling me to sell crack, so that I can get back to Germany.]

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