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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Filler Post #17 - Less taste, great filling

I (indirectly) blame Cupcake for setting off the rash of tagging that's been going around lately on my friends' blogs (because, of course, I'm not going to blame myself...duh). Even though overkill can be a bitch... you can't deny the convenience of writing a list, especially when nothing else of significance comes to mind.

This time around, the master of the ancient Toby-stizzo is looking for a compilation of "Sieben bemerkenswerten Momente der letzten sieben Tage" aka "Seven notable moments of the last seven days".

Note: My job has left me with a fucked up sense of days and time, so this some of this stuff may have happened more than seven days ago...but, hey, does it really matter?

7.) I just got off of work an hour early...which spared me the displeasure of having to work until 3am.

6.) I got to spend the little bit of time that I had during the holidays with people who rank among some of my favorite people on the planet. And it was mentally refreshing. Not the ideal holiday by any stretch of the imagination, but when you realize that I hadn't seen my brother Remington, his best friend Olatunde and (my oldest and dearest friend and the only person I know with a legally hyphenated last name) Ms. U.G. for like two may just understand a fraction of how I felt.

5.) I tasted Turkey & Gravy soda and liked it more than the Pumpkin Pie soda...which is more astonishingly disappointing than notable

Taste Tests 1-5 in order of increasing preference from left to right.
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4.) The aforementioned Ms. U.G. introduced me to a phenomenal indian food buffet that I had no idea existed AND I received a hot tip on another eatery that I'm going to try out tomorrow.

3.) I actually got to put my degree to use on the job...for about 20 minutes. Not enough to make me want to stay there for much longer, but it's nice when things come in handy like that.

2.) I found 5 bucks in the pocket of my jeans yesterday.

1.) 2005 ended. Some people look back on a year and think, "That wasn't so bad." But yes, to me it was exactly that bad. However (unlike last year) at the stroke of midnight, I didn't feel a sense of dread about the months ahead. Who the fuck knows what's going to happen? No one. But I tied up some loose ends and plan on doing away with lots of unneccessary shit this year and I very much look forward to that.

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