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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Untitled (How does it feel?)

It never hurts to try ;)
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Last night I woke up a number of times during the least 5 times that I can recall. It was basically the same scene over and over again:

Loud, constant sheets of falling rain outside of my window

Me (half asleep): What the shit is that?! Grrr...

Five minutes pass while I'm trying to figure out what the sound is.

Me: Oh it's rain, ok. ZZZZZ...drool...

I don't know, somehow I think that I should have realized after hearing the same sound twice, that the answer was always going to be "rain". Instead, each time I woke up, I got startled and my mind raced and I'm all like, "Stay on guard, could be bears...oh wait, no...rain again".

But hey, it's raining and that's a good sign. Looks like the statewide "pray away the fire" proclamation that Governor Henry made at beginning of the month really worked (3 weeks later). Or it could have been some precisely timed Native American rain dances...

On the other hand, the rain could actually just be more punishment from God because Oklahoma recently joined Powerball...

Go lottery!

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