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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why must you mock me so?

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Dear RBF,

I know that my friends are making a big deal out of the Lyrics Born concert tonight in Hamburg. I know that I personally failed in my attempt to bring that particular artist to Germany. Apparently, now the non-smoking show policy isn't that big of a deal to concert promoters as it was back in May 2005.

But for real, if I weren't in the process of working my ass off in order to save up money so that I can relocate, I would totally buy a ticket to come and see you all on February 6, 2006 in HH. For you are, practically speaking, one of my favorite bands ever...

I was lucky enough to see you in concert twice...once really close up and backstage in Hamburg...and once in Amherst, MA...from really far away as the opening act for 50 Cent.

For some strange reason, you seem to frequent Hamburg a tad bit more than Oklahoma City. Perhaps we keep missing each other, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd come and do a show in my hometown...

You write the songs that make my heart sing,


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