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Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is not the greatest post in the world...

this is just a tribute
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I was looking for this picture that I have of my oldest and dearest friend Vijita. It's a photo of her back when we were in high school and she's standing next to my car (R.I.P). I could have sworn I just saw that picture the other day, but alas, I cannot find it. Sadness...

Anyway, during my search, I came across a whole bunch of other pictures...not of me or Vijita...or both of us together...but like a ton of pictures of cars. They really brought back some memories, because the two of us spent a few weeks one summer tramping around Great Britain. And while most people would take pictures of landmarks like bridges or statues...or old walls, Vijita and Raven chose to spend obscene amounts of film taking pictures of cars that we thought looked cool. I can't even remember what cities we were in, since all of the photos pretty much look the same anyway: cobblestone street, some old-lookin' buildings and a hot set of wheels (sometimes sandwiched between a couple of tiny, raggedy-ass Euromobiles...)

This story isn't going anywhere, except to say that my oldest and dearest friend is turning 25-years-old today, she really likes cars, and I'd like to wish her a happy birthday. Get ready, Jeeds...we hit the 20-year mark next year...

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