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Monday, May 01, 2006

Do you get the joke as yet?

Me and André in 65 years, hopefully we'll be realistically colorized by then
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Raven's Super-Badass, Ultra-Awesome Vacation

Days 5-8

Being 25 is working out quite ok, so far. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday greetings. Sadly, I think the deed to the island must have gotten lost in the mail or something, because it hasn't arrived as yet. I'm sure it'll show up sooner or later...

I didn't throw a big shindig, because I really didn't feel like it. However, I did get really drunk with Robbyn and watched Kung Fu Hustle for about the millionth time. Low key, but enjoyable. It was bit refreshing to discover that hangovers don't really feel any worse once you turn 25. They don't feel any better, either...but what can you do, you know?

Special thanks goes out to Gillian who bought me a bag full of my favorite curl products and to my dad who's going to buy me some new luggage (since my trusty ol' suitcase has finally bitten the dust...R.I.P).

Sidenote: My dad bought Robbyn a shotgun for her birthday and is getting my brother a 9mm...and I'm getting a suitcase? Not that I want a gun...I'm just sayin...anyway, at least luggage will come in handy soon.

Lastly, because I was bored and because it's somewhat topic appropriate, here's a survey I jacked from Liz's myspace blog:


How old were you? 15

Where did you go to school? Classen School of Advanced Studies. The second nerdiest school in Oklahoma City (right after the Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics)

Where did you work? My job, until I was 17, was bringing home the good grades.

Where did you live? The City of The Village ... an island-like municipality floating in the sea of Oklahoma City

Where did you hang out? Penn Square Mall, Lee Boyd's house, and with Janice Fourkiller 'cause she could drive.

How was your hair style? long, chemically straightened, but usually pinned up with a clip

Did you wear braces? Never.

Did you wear glasses? Always.

Who was your best friend? Vijita and Lee and Janice...that's like three people, I know

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend? I was going throug a rough phase...

Who was your celebrity crush? Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod

Did you have more guy friends or girl? My fifteenth year of life was pretty akward. It was pre-Crew 52 and post heinous, backstabbing bitches that used to be my crew. I was taking a time off from having friends, but I did spend a lot of time with Lee and (wtf?!) Neal Caviness (they also had cars). It was a dead even split I guess.

Who was your regular-person crush? Lee. We hung out way too much. Also, he was very hot.

How many piercings did you have? none

How many tattoos did you have? Jesus Christ...none...I was 15 and afraid to even get my ears pierced...

Who were your favorite bands? The Beatles, Led Zeppelin...really old Aerosmith...70s cock rock in general

What was your biggest fear? Geometry proofs.

Your favorite color? Green.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? Nope

Had you gotten drunk or high yet? I snuck a beer out of my brother's fridge...but I spit it out after the first was foul

Had you driven yet? Yup, Robbyn let me drive to Braum's in our busted-ass Ford Aerostar. That was also the year of driver's ed starring Vijita as my driving partner and Coach Luper riding shotgun. He would fall asleep about 5 minutes into the driving session and then wake up just in time for us to stop at a gas station so he could buy a newspaper, which he would read until he dozed off again. Good times.


How old were you? 20

Where did you go to school? Smith College / Uni Hamburg

Where did you work? I had a key to Hans Vaget's office and I organized about 20 years worth of his files late at night...and I *swear* that was all / Au pair in Holland / The RLH Bar

Where did you live? Oklahoma City, OK / Northampton, MA / Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Hamburg, Germany

Where did you hang out? Katie's room in Laura Scales House / André's and/or Buche's room in RLH / The Bar

How was your hair style? Short w/ some blondish highlights. In typical Smithie fashion I chopped off my hair after my first year at Smith. I still straightened it and didn't quite fully embrace the doo-rag until I got to Hamburg (where the ever- present moisture does not mix with relaxer...if ya don't know, better ask somebody)

Did you wear braces? My teeth are pretty freakin straight.

Did you wear glasses? I'm blind, biatch...

Who was your best friend? The usual suspects

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend? One...singular sensation...unless you count Katie, my NSLP

Who was your celebrity crush? Ben Affleck

Did you have more guy friends or girl? Well, Smith being a women's college and all, you tend to befriend a lot of females. However, all my (cool) German friends are dudes, with very few exceptions...and then my Oklahomies are a pretty mixed bag, Crew 52 aside.

Who was your regular-person crush? Celebrities are regular people too...seriously, I really liked Ben Affleck, like more than what could possibly be considered normal or

How many piercings did you have? Two. I had a cartilage piercing on my right ear and my nose was pierced.

How many tattoos did you have? One. I got my tattoo a few months before I turned 21.

Who were your favorite bands? I was well into my hip-hop phase by then. Uhh, J5 probably got the most rotation along with Bambule, Deluxe Soundsystem and my mix CDs from André.

What was your biggest fear? Propellers.

Favorite color? Green

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? Yes, many

Had you gotten drunk or high yet? Yes, often. I worked in a bar and the free alcohol was a biiiiig part of my decision to do that. I got drunk a lot more than I got high, though...

Had you driven yet? Only when I was in Oklahoma...with the exception of a very brief driving lesson in Hamburg from Won


How old are you? 25

Where do you go to school? I don't, bitch...skool iz fo loozers

Where do you work? In a call center doing roadside assistance for a rental car company...which, oddly enough, is also for losers

Where do you live? The Village / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Where do you hang out? Work and my room

How is your hair style? Curly hair + bandana = the hotness

Do you wear glasses? Blinder than ever

Who is your best friend? If you have to ask, then guess what? It's not you.

Do you have more guy friends or girl? I don't remember

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend? Batman

Who is your regular-person crush? Raven C. Brooks...goddamn, she's a fox

Who is your celebrity crush? See above

How many tattoos do you have? One. Soon to be two?

How many piercings do you have? One. It seems as though I've forgotten how painful a fresh hole in the face can be...however, it's worth it because I like to be reminded of how supa-hot my nose is...

Who are your favorite bands? Ya moms an them

What is your biggest fear? Failure...and propellers

Have you driven yet? Yeah, I just went to 7-11 a while ago.

Favorite color now? I wear a lot of "earth colors"... but I'm pretty consistent with the color green

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