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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Slobbering honey-baby...

"Are you laughin' biatch?! I come in the name of Jesus"

Raven's Super-Badass, Ultra-Awesome Vacation

Day 2

Pain pills are cool. Yesterday I was all hopped up on Tylenol with codeine, which I know, I can you be all "hopped up" when you're on codeine? That's a chinese riddle for you...

Then, this morning my jaw was all achy and I felt nauseous, so I took a break from the pills and spent most of the day watching Bruce Lee movies. Sweeeet. I figure I can be laid-out for the first 2 days of vacation and it doesn't matter, cause it's my damn vacation and I can spend it however I want.

Also, my dad just got his first cell phone today, he seems pretty psyched about it. Good for him.

Tomorrow is his birthday and he wants to get his ear pierced, so I'm taking him to a piercing studio. I actually have an ulterior motive for doing this, because I want to get my nose re-pierced and I just hope he doesn't puss out.

You should also check out this site where some kids wrote pretend speeches for President Bush and then they had a voice impersonator read the speeches [Source: Bianca]. My personal favorite is the one by Zoe (and not just because my niece is named Zoe).

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