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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Every time I come around your city (bling bling)

"Thugs love my style. I keep it street with the braids and the diamond smile"
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I had my last trip to the dentist today. I arrived shortly before 1pm and about an hour later I left with a sparkly new gold crown. It really should have only taken 15 minutes to put on, but apparently I have like some kind of crazy mutant mouth that changes shape so there was some shaving down required. Erm, and it probably didn't help that the fitting was done approximately 30 minutes after having a tooth pulled.

But, people, I'm on a time schedule here! Had to get this done while I still have that sweet, sweet dental insurance, which, as of Friday, will be no more.

Anyway, my dentist was amazing. An asshole*, but amazing nonetheless. Was it expensive? Yeah, kinda. Painful? At times, very. Worth it? Most definitely.

I can literally taste döner already...and not just on the left side of my mouth.

*= here, of course, I mean an asshole in the way that some people, who are really, really good at their jobs, can be...

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