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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Quickies #3

* Tip of the week: Don't order things online when you're drunk. No, I didn't order any kind of scandalous shit - though, admittedly, it probably would have been extremely funny, if I had. I bought my dad a great gift (the Ray Charles album, Dedicated to You that I'd been searching for in just about every record shop that I ever step and abroad). Recently, I found out that it had been re-released as a CD, which would have been perfecto for my purposes. Instead, in a momentary lapse in judgement due to alcohol consumption caused me to purchase the album on vinyl as opposed to CD.

In the end, my dad will be more impressed. However, I'm the one who has to digitize that shit.

* Is this a sign? "A German woman left her friend as a deposit at a gas station because she did not have enough cash to pay for her petrol, police said Wednesday...'Unfortunately, the woman did not return.'". Let it be known, my dear German friends with vehicles...I will cut you if you do me like that...

* Uplifting E-Mail of the Week

...Bist gar kein Problem-Kind, sondern vielleicht ein "Wunderkind," was du NUR NICHT ZUGEBEN MÖCHTEST! Put
t h a t in your pipe and smoke it

Thanks, Gertraud ;)

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