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Monday, May 29, 2006

This blog has moved!

Well, technically, the blog is staying put. However, at 6:29am (Central Standard Time), the author of this blog (yours truly) will commence with her relocation...and hopefully -- some 20 odd hours later -- I will land safe and sound across the big pond in Hamburg, Germany.

To commemorate this event...and to provide some entertainment for y'all whilst I'm in the air, I kinda totally jacked Cupcake's idea for her 50,000th blog hit. I created a broadcast dedicated some very special people who've supported me during during my "exile phase". I'm not gonna bother with streaming it... I didn't really bother to check the volume levels...and I've compressed the holy, ever-lovin' shit out of the file so that it's not too terribly big (it's about 32MB, 60:51)

If that hasn't frightened you, then maybe this will.

Zip it up and zip it out, people...

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