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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The time has come to...galvanize

Ain't we lucky we got 'em? Good times...
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Until this morning, I hadn't had a haircut in almost 2 years. Not like you could really tell or anything (well, except for the spilt ends). With hair as curly as mine it would take forever to make it look "long" never seemed to extend past my shoulders. In reality, my hair extended half way down my back. Crazy, right? Sha..I know...

Anyway, I got Gillian to cut it and it looks great and it saved me money. Thanks, Gill. Everyone send warm wishes for her tonsilectomy tomorrow, or else...

The rest of my day was spent bent over a paper shredder. I'm currently sorting out my life in preparation for The Big Move and, once again, I find myself with an ass-load of paper that needs to be discarded...or kept...or whatever. I should have learned by now to organize things more efficiently, but then I wouldn't have so much fun reminiscing when I go through it all again.

Most importantly, I finally got around to opening all of the mail that arrived while I was in Germany last year and even some older stuff that was never forwarded to me while I was still in college - such as the graduation card from the alumna, who basically convinced me to go to Smith in the first place. Other news in old Smith mail: a $40 check that arrived in October 2004 (when I was in Cologne), it doesn't seem to have a void date on!

The following two documents were really a blast from the past and were spared the wrath of the paper shredder:

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Dear Mr. Mayer,

we represent the organization that is looking after Ms. Raven Brooks. Like you, Ms. Brooks lives in the apartment building on Reitbahnstrasse.

You accepted a package for Ms. Brooks from the GLS delivery service. Unfortunately some misunderstandings have occured regarding this matter and it would be nice if you could inform us of the whereabouts of this package. We require an answer by 1-20-2005.

Man, seeing this letter really brought up some feelings that I had long repressed. I still think that the old drunken bastard (aka Herr Mayer) has my package and even though he gave me a 3lb bag of M&Ms...I totally should have sent the boys to kick his ass. It's one of my biggest regrets to this day...

Then I came across the following going-away letter from my former German students and it placated me:

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and here are some of their signatures:

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My personal favorite is the kid that asked me to send him some German dog food because he's collecting foreign dog food...

Sometimes, I seriously think that the German Tourism Board should start paying me for the promo work I do for the country.

The crazy thing is that most of them are going on a summer exchange to Berlin in June. I'm tempted to visit them. Unofficially, of course. There's nothing like corrupting future generations.

P.S. Katie...did you see? NBC made a sequel to 10.5 I'll be glued to my set on Sunday... weeeeeeee!

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