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Saturday, June 24, 2006

(Not so ) Quickies #4

1.) So I had an interview earlier this week and I took out my nose-ring so that I could make a decent optical impression. In hindsight, this was a crap idea, because after I got home I could not get the ring back in. The hole hadn't closed, I'm just an uncoordinated jerk when it comes to these things. I poked and prodded at my left nostril and now it's all sore and shit, so I just left the damn thing out. By the time it feels better, it definitely will have closed up. I'll probably end up getting it re-repierced. Which sounds retarded and it probably is.

But hey, I guess I can be glad that my tattoo's not going anywhere. Hooray!

2.) Hey, Futurama's coming back! I know this because people keep writing me emails to let me know. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated it. It was just funny how four different people sent me links to four different stories. [Edit: If this were a contest and I had to declare winner, Miss Fee would be thy name. Good lookin' out, homie]

Now, if I can get some of those same people to send me a box of Lucky Charms...or Fruity Pebbles and a copy of the latest issue of Scratch or XXL...dude...word...

3.) I conversated with Mo this afternoon. One moment we were talking about the use of morphine for kidney stones, but he couldn't recall the word in english for kidney stone. The next moment he was telling me that the word anthrax derives from a latin word for coal (for the curious: anthrax = carbuncle = carbon = coal)

Now, in German, the word coal (Kohle) is also used as slang word for money. So, Mo -- being the trendsetter that he is -- goes up to a group of his fellow students of medicine and announces to them that he doesn't have any cash on hand by saying, "Hey guys, I don't have any anthrax on me."

It turned out to be a very ineffective play on words, that (needless to say) no one else in the group understood...yeah, anyway, it's the type of thing that only he could come up with and is hands down the funniest thing I heard all day.

Note: this anecdote is a lot more funny if you've actually met Mo, and since I is hilarious to me...which is the only thing that ever matters.

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