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Friday, July 07, 2006

Cause ain't no such thing as halfway cooks...

Brooks Ones Pt. II
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I had a lovely little dinner party last night. Dinner parties are a sign of adulthood, right? Even if tacos are the main course? No, you say? Bite me.

I know back in the states a taco meal isn't anything special, but here in Europe it costs roughly two months' rent to be able to buy a pack of eight tortillas. Luckily I spent most of the afternoon selling crack to be able to afford them bitches. So illegal, but sooooo worth it.

It's kinda silly, but I always associate tacos with Christmas. Trust me, there's nothing better than stuffing yourself full of tacos and beer and then kicking back to watch The Life of Brian (mmmm...sacre-licious!)

However, yesterday we were celebrating the fact that André is done with his tests. Huzzah! It's about damn time.

So, with the limitless power of my imagination, I conjured up some tacos and taco fixins in massive proportions. Many onions and cloves of garlic sacrificed themselves for the cause (I didn't say it was going to be a romantic evening...) And lo, I sayeth it was good. Wonfuzius probably has some pics of the event, however, as they are probably blurry and/or unflattering to me...I don't really want to see them...or show them.

Thanks goes out to André, Wonfuzius, Alex, S.A.M. III, Trini-Mutti, and Mo who pretended -- at least for one evening -- that I can make a decent meal.

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