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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

...and all I got was this lousy cold

I feel like I've been really neglecting my precious online journal the last few weeks. However, I'm not without my excuses:

1.) My roommate has been producing tracks like mad crazy and it's not like I'm gonna go be like, " mind if I blog a bit?"

2.) Wonfuzius, André and Buche have yet to figure out how to get a computer to me...or parts of different computers all stuck together to make one mega computer...I don't care as long as it works and has Paint Shop on it...and you guys carry it up the stairs.*

3.) I've been in high-gear, "Hey, let's try not getting deported this month"-mode. Although that's actually kinda winding down. Cross your fingers.

This weekend was -- all in all -- a little bit of alright. Beer flowed; meat was grilled and consumed; it rained; I went to, got lost at, and eventually gave up on Welt-Astra-Tag (World Astra Beer Day). I discovered that my roommate has some kind of (unintentional?) outreach program for former Popstars. To top it all off...I caught a cold.

And since I don't feel like getting into details rights now, I suggest that you click below and watch all three episodes of Shutterbugs (that is, if you haven't seen them already).

*= I shouldn't bitch, since I still don't even have a desk yet. Seriously, though...I don't want to carry a computer up the stairs.

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