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Monday, August 14, 2006

Filler Post #30 - I aim to please...

Cupcake came to visit me in Hamburg about a week and a half ago -- thus winning the much-coveted honor of being the first person to stay overnight in my new apartment. Granted, it was only a 24-hour visit and I was a very shitty tour guide (Cupcake: Brooksy, what's that building over there? Lebrookski: me. Looks significant though, doesn't it?)

Despite my incompetence, she seems to have enjoyed herself and I couldn't be any happier. I think the following passage pretty much sums up the type of experience you would have if you came to visit me:

...perhaps the most treasured memory I have is Friday morning at 9:00am when Brooks kindly accompanied me to the Hauptbahnhof. We were riding the subway when she said to me in English, "So, it's too bad you weren't awake last night around 1:30 when the pimp stopped by." At this point, the German woman sitting across from us got up and changed her seat. What can we learn from this? That American music and movies have spread the word 'pimp' throughout the global culture so that even a middle age German woman can hear it and know what we're talking about? That English, even when spoken in our dulcet, groggy tones, can be grating to a non-native speaker to the point that they must get up and change seats? Or perhaps this woman was just not down with the Mulattos and the forthcoming revolution or the Americans of which I was a shining example with my baseball cap, sneakers and giant backpack? Whatever, bitch, pimp just stopped by for a glass of wine. Ain't nobody turning tricks up in the house.

If that isn't an advertisement for a good time, then I don't know what is.

Mi casa es su casa, chil'rens

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