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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

100% Mulatto

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Yesterday evening, Andre stopped by our crib to cook for me and Seven (well, probably more for her, but I reaped some of the chicked winged benefits by association).

Anyhow, we were sitting on the couch when I turned to Andre and say (as though I were a bitter middle-aged woman conversing with her notoriously forgetful significant other), "You do remember what day tomorrow is, don't you?"

At which point, he placed the chicken wing he was devouring on to his plate, shouted, "Tomorrow's Hug a Mulatto Day!" and proceeded to semi-tackle me. Then he apologized for being a day early.

But he was right, today is the Third Annual Hug a Mulatto Day.

Hug a Mulatto Day (the Official Holiday of The Revolution) was (perhaps unintentionally) invented by me, as an answer to a survey that I created back in October 2004:

Start up a tradition right now and tell us about it:
I now declare October 25th "Hug a Mulatto Day," so just go out and hug a light brown person.

For the curious, the entire survey can be found here.

This must have struck a chord with Andre, because he was the one who reminded me about it last year. I plan on keeping it going for as long as possible... because... well, shit, not only can I use all the hugs I can get, but I also deserve them. Hooray for my sense of entitlement!

There are lots of ways to celebrate HaMD, the most common (not to mention, most appropriate) is to (duh) get out and start huggin' them Mulattos. If your Mulatto-dar* isn't so finely tuned, then just go out an hug some people who you think might be Mulatto**. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

Otherwise, feel free to appreciate the many Mulatto contributions that make the world a better place. Listen to our music, watch our TV shows***, read about our adventures in Nazi Germany...

because if you do it voluntarily'll make it a lot easier for you later.

You know, when The Revolution gets here.

*= That's "Mulatto + Radar" (patent pending)
** = Groups commonly mistaken for Mulatto: "The 'Cans" aka Native Americans, Mexicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans; my light brownies and high yellow peoples; so-called "wiggers"; and black albinos.
***= Now you know why Scrubs is so funny. Mulattos write it. Ok, maybe not plural, but one is all you need.

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