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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Filler Post #31 - Who rocks the party?

Not exactly a picture of what I was looking for, but amusing nonetheless.
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I finally managed to get out of bed around 3:30pm (about 2 hours ago). I don't think that's so bad, considering I didn't get home until after 5am. I even managed to change my clothes before attacking my bed -- with a vengance. I say 'attack', as judging from the nice big bruise on my right thigh, the two of us must have exchanged blows and I apparently lost.

I need a thicker mattress before people start thinking that I'm being abused.

I was at a very entertaining birthday party last night thrown by Sarah, an aquaintance of mine. We don't hang out a lot, but we run in the same social circle. These kinds of parties (where you kind of know the host and maybe a few of the guests) can be sort of hit and miss, but I find if you go with an open mind you can have fun...or at least make your own fun.

However, the gathering really exceeded my expectations. First of all, Sarah lives (more or less) like right on the Reeperbahn (Hamburg's red light district). That is pretty cool to me. Second, she lives right around the corner from one of my very favorite sights in Hamburg -- the "I love Hot Dog" place.

Now, I've never eaten at "I love Hot Dog" and I don't plan to...but everytime I see that sign, my heart weeps with joy. Thank you, Denmark.

Third, her apartment is rad³. I've seen nice apartments, I've seen fancy apartments, I've seen apartments with really awesome accessories (like say turntables or home movie theaters). Until last night, I'd never seen an apartment that sent waves of jealousy surging through my body. Granted, I could do without the bums sleeping on the front steps and the view of the sex shops outside of the window...but god-damn...I want to send an occupying force into her apartment and claim it for The Revolution.

To quote Andre, "Did she say how many square kilometers this place has?"

Fourth, she had a bathtub full of beer on ice.

It just so happened that I randomly ran into a guy who was at Trini-Mutti's shindig last week. I didn't recognize him, but he apparently recognized me and I forgot to ask him who he knew at Sarah's party.

Also, for the second time in 5 months, I received a marriage proposal. Though this time, it wasn't for a work was so that I could go to Cuba for vacation, which I thought was a very nice offer, even if it probably wasn't the most well thought out plan.

Probably one of my favorite moments of the night, was when this (drunk) guy came up to me and asked if it was my apartment/party. I looked at him and was like, "Um, no" and pointed him towards the room that Sarah was in.

About half an hour later, I'm standing around talking with some other people and drunk dude rolls by again and goes, "Great job with your party here."

Thanks guy, don't mention it...

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