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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pay attention: Good advice

The following was written by my younger brother Remy's best friend (and my surrogate little brother) Tunde. I'm reposting it here, since I think it should not be confined to just MySpace (I hope you don't mind, Tunde):

It's good times once again as I continue on my quest to bring sexy back. Went out wit my dudes last night. Ish kinda started off slow, but then for some reason we started drinkin and didn't stop. So long story short, we got pretty lit, my homeboy J in particular. This ninja should've know better than to 1. get to drunk around white people, 2. buy a digital camera. 3. add #1 and 2 together. It was pretty much like a scene off of "Waiting", which was pretty funny but disturbing. Thank the Lord for $2 Long Islands, that ish is tight, son. But this is pretty much a warning to my other ninjas out there who've recently discovered the joys of alcoholism. No matter how much white people buy you to drink -- know your f'en limit. Otherwise, you wake up the next day with a headache, money in your pocket, and a pair of nuts on your shoulder. That extra $15 is nice, but ask yourself, is it really worth some nuts on your shoulder?

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