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Monday, October 16, 2006

Shameless Plugs. Check 'em and bookmark

SupaD (aka Diana Princess of Power) is my Parallel Universe Self. She pimps out the entirety of the city of Berlin with her Dominican-hotness and does not give a fuck about what you think, 'cause she's real fuckin' gangsta. In addition to the recent relaunch of her website, Visual Osmosis, there are also upcoming screenings of her experimental films in NYC and Chicago:

The Goods:

"Corporate Practice: Junior Executive Training" in the socially and politically themed gallery exhibition and video screening, Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Opening reception: 6 pm
Video Screening: 8 pm

2830 N. Milwaukee Ave. (just north of Diversey)
Chicago, IL

Also, tune into EYE AM Fall 2006 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (TimeWarner 34/RCN 83) or WORLDWIDE online at

Experimental, memoir, and documentary film from women filmmakers around the world featuring works by Kristi Ryba, Sasha Waters, Vanessa Woods, Penny Lane, Zulma Aguiar, Natalie Halpern, Branda Miller, Diana Arce, M. Weimer, Dara Greenwald, Ellen Lake, Cindy Kleine, and Victoria Kereszi

Episode Five: Wednesday November 1st 2006 8-9pm TIME WARNER 34/RCN 83 in Manhattan or everywhere

"The Juarez Mothers"
"What the Water Saw"
"Our Hope"
"Go Global (WORLD PREMIERE!!!)"
"Self Study Course"
"Passing> 13 things about Nella Larsen"
"52 Bis"

Biancadonk -- the hottest Mulatto I know -- has started her own blog, The Chronicles of Biancadonk. The founder and president of Mulattos of Oklahoma (and Mulattos of Oklahoma, the L.A. Chapter). She also does not give a fuck about what you think. Fer Christ's sake...she's smoked weed with her own mother!! And Snoop Dogg, might I add. She doesn't have a film premiere that I am aware of, but I did do her blog layout and honestly, I like it even better than my you should at least check it out for that reason, if nothing else.

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