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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Straight Outta Barmbek #2: The train to and from Crazytown

Gangsta, gangsta
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Back in my Smith JYA days, a friend of mine named Bridget lived kind of in the area of the city where I currently live. She always used to talk about how great it was that one could basically get to any place in the city from Barmbek in about 20 minutes travel time. It was this kind of thinking that made Bridget one of the most unpunctual people that I've ever met.

However, having moved to this part of town, I can totally understand how one could get this feeling. There are just so many public transportation options to choose from, all basically within a 5 minute walk from my apartment: the U2 and U3 subway lines, the S1 train, and an assload of busses. It's actually started to effect my own punctuality, which is slightly upsetting, but alas, not really the point I'm trying to make.*

Most of the time, I end up taking either the U2 or the U3. I don't like to fuck around with the busses, which is somewhat ironic, because I would (threaten to) puree a truckload of kittens in
exchange for a decent bus system in Oklahoma City.

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In the last few weeks, however, I've also started becoming very wary of taking the S1 train, as well. Especially at night, and especially on weekends.

You see...the Barmbek station has three platforms. Two are for the aforementioned U2 and U3 lines...

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and then there's like the red-headed stepchild platform for the S1. Half of the platform lighting isn't working, and the lights that do function, do that whole flickering thing. And apparently, it's a primo location for relieving yourself, as it seems to reek of urine slightly more than the other two platforms.

On the weekends, shit seems to almost always be going down over there, with cops, fights and the like. I don't know if the other stops on the line are like this, but in Barmbek...I think only the crazies ride the S1.**

Honestly, I don't know what the deal is, but I've pretty much given up on the idea of a quick transfer at the central station, in favor of slightly longer, less filled with crazy people commute.

The other day, I was walking across the S1 platform (taking a "shortcut" through the station rather than walking around it), and I noticed one of those glass cases advertising a business:

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So ok, I'm type of person whose only knowledge of latin comes from rap lyrics...

still I feel this does not bode at all well...

*= *rolls eyes* Do you ever have a point, Brooks?! Didn't think so.

**= As opposed to the U2 & U3 which are mostly filled with complete assholes.

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