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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hang 'em high...

Photographic evidence of my uselessness
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The party last night was fun. It could have been more fun and for those of you who missed it, no worries, because although there was quite a number of people there, there weren't as many people there as anticipated. So...they're probably gonna throw another shindig after Christmas/New Year's.

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I like DJing -- mostly for the reason that it's the only 100% sure way that I know I'll enjoy the music at a party. I don't consider myself "good" at DJing (in any sense of the word), I just like standing there and looking like I semi-know what I'm doing.

At the party, there was the main dance floor/bar area, where I was working. Additionally, there was a shitty hipster/indie rock "dance floor" (convulsion room?) and a metal lounge (which I find somewhat contradictory, as heavy metal isn't exactly music by which to "lounge"...but whatevs).

I shared DJing duties with Andre and AW and our shifts ran in that order. DJing at the very beginning of a party always sucks because 1) no one has really had enough to drink to make them wanna dance and 2) you kinda don't want to play the hot fiyah too early. You gotta lure them to the dance floor and then trap them there.

It certainly doesn't help when people come up to you to request music, usually starting with the vague question, "What kind music do you have?" I've got -- tops -- 4 minutes between songs, and in between figuring out and cueing up the next song, drinking my beer and taking a drag off my cig...this doesn't leave much room for chitchat. And don't forget about the part where I'm standing in front to two crates of vinyl and 3 CD folders. I'm not against taking requests, but couldya be more specific?

Party Douche: What do you got?
Me: A lotta effin music. What do you wanna hear?
PD: Do you have "Femme like you"?
Me: No
PD: (walks away disappointed)

One dude told me it's always been his dream to be a DJ and asked if it would be possible to stand behind the turntables for just 10 minutes... (whaaa?!)

Then, some chick came up to me (I was playing a hip-hop track) and she asked me if I could play something in the "Black Music" Justin Timberlake.

Despite the brain-exploding ridiculousness of her request, I complied... because JT will make the bitches flock to the dance floor. Or so the rumor goes.
(Also, I would just like to mention that this particular song was on an otherwise perfectly acceptable mix CD made by Hannah).

Anyway, the Pope was boxing in his chain mail* until about the last 45 minutes of my set, but I feel like I got the crowd sufficiently warmed up for the musical stylings of Andre. I think, however, AW got the crowd rocking the mostest... cause he was playing one Bravo Hit after another. That clever bastard.

The sad part is that this time, I really meant to take pictures. I actually even brought my camera and had a fresh set of batteries and everything. I just never took it out of my bag until Andre and I were walking back to 117a (I was too inebriated and exhausted to make it back to Barmbek).

We saw a machine that looks like one of those condom or cigarette machines, except it dispenses bicylce tubes. This was somehow HILARIOUS to us at 6am this morning.

Also, Andre promised to find a guy for me, who's nice, attractive and relatively normal.

He probably forgot about saying that five minutes later.

Lucky for us, we at least have this picture of the bicycle tube machine to remind us of the oath he made in the wee hours of the morning. Fifty years from now, we'll look back at the picture and go:

Me: Hey, remember that night we saw the bicycle tube machine?
Andre: Yeah, good times.
Me: Well, what about that nice, normal attractive guy you promised me?
Andre: Say what now?
Me: I'm gonna kill you, Schmidt.

* = "Hier boxt der Papst im Kettenhemd"...see how ridiculous that sounds?

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