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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Like gangbusters

Earlier today Papa S., Andre and I walked all the way around the outer Alster. Yes, I know, contain yourselves. I got a cafe latte out of the deal.

Papa Schmidt is a trip. I want him to come to Hamburg some more, but I would have to deal with the rather unpleasant side effect of Andre going a 35-year-old-woman-who's-afraid-of-becoming-her-mother-insane. It amuses me. Andre, on the other hand...not so amused. But this is ok, because I reap all of the benefits. And now that Papa S. and I are on "du"-terms (the informal "you") instead of using "Sie" (formal) ...well, let's just say I'm working on a first draft of the adoption papers.

Maybe it's because my family is so far away right now or maybe it's because no one in my family has EVER visited me anywhere that I've ever lived (with the exception of my graduation from Smith...oh, and my room in my parent's house, but that doesn't really count), but I appreciate it when Papa Schmidt comes by. Also, because Andre's indifference = more stuff for me.

Here's just some of the stuff I came away with:

- 1 gingerbread house
- 1 bag full of Christmas candy
- 1 bouquet of flowers (my first bouquet of flowers EVER)
- 1 pack of cigarettes
- 4 lighters (various colors)
- 9 AAA maps of the United States
- 1 container of delicious frozen soup to be re-heated and eaten
- 2 Rouladen with delicious sauce
- some chicken, kinda "asian style" or the Dortmunder interpretation of "asian style"
- Basmati rice
- some cheese stick thingies
- 2 packs of coffee (hallelujah!)

Ok, actually that's pretty much all of it, but thanks to him I don't have to go grocery shopping for the rest of the week and all of the cooking I have to do consists of: Step 1 - put food in a pot and Step 2 - reheat until not frozen (and, you know, warm).

Andre, next time your dad visits and wants to know what he should bring up from Dortmund, just say "yes" to everything. I will make use of it

Also, your dad and I were talking and he'd be willing to drive us down to Dortmund sometime when he comes to visit. Road trip with Papa Schmidt!

Think about it.

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