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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time wasters

About a month ago, Schmidt told me that he stopped reading my blog because "Work is too hard" blah blah blah....

So, I was gonna make a post where I put pictures of his face in embarrassing situations. Well, it turns out he started reading my blog again, which totally ruined my plan -- just around the time where I was ready to get into some photo manipulation crap. Damn you, Schmidt!!!

In a rather lucky turn of events, Cupcake made a post about her "pet" rubber band ball, Robbie and a new game called Where's Robbie Now? It's way fun...

So far, I've done:

Robbie at Oktoberfest
Robbie taking a leak
Robbie the Pimp

And here's a survey from MissFee to round out the day:

(Click Below for More)

1. Something you hate about modern civilization: Not a goddamned thing really, 'cause for reals...modern civilization brought us like toilets inside of our houses and stuff...and I'm sorry, the world is pretty fucked up right now...but I totally appreciate indoor plumbing...I mean, I'm not that into mp3 players or the whole digital music age thing...but I feel like it's a small sacrifice to make in order to have a comfy place to do my "business".

2. Three random things you're good at: procrastinating, sleeping, consuming beer...and a bunch of other shit that generally doesn't look good on a resume.

3. Try as you might, you just can't: finish a Sudoku puzzle. Talk about the complete opposite of fun...

4. The last song stuck in your head: Gym Class Heroes "Cupid's Chokehold". Tunde was right, that dude gets a free pass into The Revolution. Go Mulattos!

5. The place you spend the most money per week: Lidl, it's not much, but I need sustenance, dammit!

6. Give me a good celebrity to put in the round of "Celebrity" mix: I wish I knew what this meant...and that I cared. Alas -- it's a negative on both counts.

7. If CSI-Wherever found your skeleton by the side of the road, you'd ultimately be identified by: prolly a bandana wrapped around the skull of my rotting corpse

8. You really need to get your act together and: find a new apartment

9. The last television show you watched in one long gulp: My Boys. It's like my life if it were a sitcom and if I were white and made everything into a sports analogy.

10. Seen any good movies lately? Talladega Nights. The word "good" is relative. It made me laugh. Heartily.

11. One recent fashion trend that is just not for you: All of them.

12. Do you have a LOST theory? Man, I'm starting to not even care if those fuckers get rescued or not...for reals...

13. Something nice that happened to you today: I didn't get hit by a car...that's always nice

14. What was the last thing you ate? Thai Chef Shrimp "Tom Yum" (extra scharf). I'm addicted to this shit and by the end of the month I will be putting the whole pack of "extra hot" sauce in the soup. It's basically just some damn ramen noodles, y'all. Thanks a lot, Wonfuzius.

15. Is there any place more frightening than behind the refrigerator? That place behind your mom... (zing!)

16. Name your favorite irrational fear: Decapitation from an airplane propeller. Not exactly my "favorite" but in comparison to my other fears (i.e. deportation, mother dying, etc.) it is by far the most classically irrational.

17. Something you love about your home: Our "Sitzdusche". Nothing better than having a place to sit on when you're hungover in the shower. I'll miss it so much.

18. The love of your life is: Cyber Kitty...she never says no to me

19. Honestly, things just wouldn't be the same if: I actually got my way all the time

20. What can we do about March to make it better: blow up the Ausländerbehörde...and the Arbeitsamt while we're at it...

21. What fun day trip should I take with my folks over Easter weekend? I dunno, Canada?

22. If there is one television show I hate, it's this and here's why: pretty much any kind of reality show where douchebags compete for irrelevant shit. Why? Well, I thought it was pretty clear -- they're douchebags...and that shit that they're doing is irrelevant

23. A website you look at everyday: Aside from my blog and my email: GorillaMask

24. Quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a: sack of rabid spider monkeys

25. What’s the next big thing you're excited about? my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26. You may or may not be: deported in a month or so...

27. Someday, you'd like to be really freaking awesome at: life...and math. I feel like it's kinda wrong to suck at both.

28. The last goal you accomplished: called Pickles (my sister).

29. An excellent author with lots of books I should really read is: good lord, you're asking the wrong person.... 50 Cent, perhaps? Yeah, that ought to learn you good about aksing me kweschins like dat...

30. Favorite MP3 I should go illegally download RIGHT NOW: I personally don't believe in the illegal downloading of music. I do believe in my friends illegally downloading music and giving it to me. So, you're better off asking one of them. However, for you MissFee, I would like to suggest the song Macaroni and Cheese by Psalm One. It's the new sexiness.

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