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Monday, March 05, 2007

Wanna hug it out?

What is it about weekends that I never get any-damn-thing accomplished? All that shit that I put off until the weekend, and then what do I end up doing? That's right...I watch the entire second season of Entourage, even though I could pretty much guess what happened since I've already seen seasons 1 and 3.

At any rate, it's been rainy as fuck in Hamburg lately, which basically kills any and all motivation to leave my apartment that I may have had. I was gonna write an insightful and witty blog post, but it involved way more photo manipulation than I felt like doing. So, Entourage Season 2 won and now you're gonna get this tale of woe from the workplace:

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The new issue of FHHM hits stands this Thursday and that means the work for the April issue is starting to pile up like a muthafucka... Pretty much the schedule around here goes: 3 weeks of work, work, work (especially in the week where the magazine goes to the printers) and then a week of like nothing. Have I mentioned this before? What can I say? It's nice work if you can get it...

To give you an idea of what this down-week is like, the most exciting thing I did last week was change a light bulb in the men's bathroom (rather than call the building super and wait like a day before he could actually find the time to come 'round and do it). The guys were quite impressed with that. Except maybe replace impressed with shocked and a little bit embarassed – not because I changed the bulb, mostly because their bathroom is a little bit gross.

For the next week, I'll be the only female in the office. With FeeBee back in Karlsruhe and the only other chick in the office on vacation, it’s just me and the boys. FeeBee’s successor is a nice kid from Bavaria. Still kind of a noob -- it’s only like his 3rd day -- but nice. Until I come up with a fitting nickname (which is doubtful) I shall refer to him as Bavarian BabyBoy or just BabyBoy, for short. He looks like he's 15 and he's got a cute lil Bavarian accent. Well, it's about as cute as a Bavarian accent can get... *cough, cough*

His presence isn't the only change around here. Since last March (so about a year), FHHM has been the sole business occupying the seventh floor of the office building. Pretty soon, however, there are gonna be some new kids in town and we will be sharing the seventh floor with (get this) – a grief counseling organization.

Ho-ly Shit.

Hip-Hop kids and Emo kids don't mix, unless we’re talking about Slug from Atmosphere.

Anyway, we're not too happy about our new neighbors.

I mean, it's not that we hate grief counselors, by any means – they provide a very necessary service. But these old broads are kinda pushy...and whiny. I’m thinking that these are probably not the best qualities for a grief counselor.

They don't seem to get that we're a hip-hop magazine (hippy whaty 'zine?). We're kinda loud sometimes, hectic at other times...and then there are the times when some unscrupulous-looking characters wander the floor (but they're either staff, or the occasional visiting rapper). Yes, the editors chain-smoke in the designated smoking area near the stairwell...that's the purpose for which the area was designated (duh) and it prevents them from flying into a homicidal rage and the rest of us think it's better that way.

...and no matter how many times I tell them (about 20 million by my count), they refuse to believe me when I say that the males in the office (10) outnumber the females (2), which is why there is only one toilet for the women and three for the men...and that changing this around would make absolutely no damn sense.

One of them actually said to me, "Well, I suppose we'll just have to keep getting on your nerves to you change it."

Oh, I can’t wait for them to move in. It’s gonna be a blast!

Dear Trauer-Bitches,

sorry for your loss, but y'all are annoying as fuck.

All the best,


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