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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Filler Post #45 - Interactive Shit (Please Play With Me!!!)

Hey, I've got a lot of time on my hands lately and am running out of ways to spend it as I'm basically too broke to do anything that costs money, so I'm turning to my readership for help.

I wanna do like a photo scavenger hunt but it's retarded to make up the list of items myself. the comments section you can leave suggestions of stuff for me to try and find to take photos of. It can be either actual things...or "concepts" of things, if that makes any kind of sense at all. The deadline is this Sunday, so I can put the whole list together. Then, I'll post the entire list and start next week. Pictures of my findings will be posted as well.

EDIT: C'mon people, you can post suggestions anonymously. I need at least like 40 more items. Miss Fee, your people are always up for a fun game, maybe you can direct them here...

(Click Below for Final Photo Scavenger Hunt List:)

The name in parentheses denotes the person who made the suggestion

1.) People crossing the street at a red light (Buche)
2.) The 7 Deadly Sins, which in case you're wondering are gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride (Miss Fee)
3.) 3 Live Animals (Miss Fee)
4.) The items in a Kinder egg (Miss Fee)
5.) The front of my apartment building. (Miss Fee)
6.) People wearing the clothing of their native land (Pickles)
7.) A very large slab of döner meat (Pickles)
8.) A breakdancer (Pickles)
9.) A nun (Pickles)
10.) A white, German rapper (Pickles) [insert comment about redundancy here]
11.) A bum in an "odd" place (Pickles)
12.) A birthday cake decorated in an unusual manner (Pickles)
13.) A usable, yet rusty and falling apart bike (Anon.)
14.) Freighter with the most multi-colored cargo containers (Anon.)
15.) A person that I don't know taking the picture of another person that I don't know and who is also not myself (Anon.)
16.) Someone eating a Weißwurst (Anon.)
17.) A full rainbow set of different doors (Anon.)
18.) Plant growing in a strange spot (Jen)
19.) Mismatched couple (Jen & Mike -- who are a perfectly matched couple, btw)
20.) Lost shoe (Jen & Mike)
21.) Something demonstrating the general incompetency of public works.(Jen & Mike)
22.) People waiting in a really long line. (Jen & Mike)
23.) A street performer (Jen & Mike)
24.) A sleeping dog (Andie)
25.) Someone reading something in a language that is not english or german (Andie)
26.) A tourist looking lost (Andie)
27.) A sign containing incorrect grammar in the language of my choice (Andie)
28.) A billboard with Arnold Schwarzenegger's picture. (Andie)
29.) A grouping of different beers in glasses at a bar or restaurant (Andie)
30.) Deer (Andie) {Dude, deer?! Are you kidding me? *sigh*}
31.) A pink building (Andie)
32.) The light at the end of the tunnel (Andie)
33.) The most creative parking spot (Anon)
34.) A blind person (Aliya)
35.) A whore (Aliya)
36.) Something that looks like love (Aliya)
37.) The toes of someone unrelated to me, which I take to mean "a stranger" since I'm not really related to any one here (Aliya)
38.) A person puking in a public place (Buche)
39.) A funny advertisement in a public bathroom (Buche)
40.) A car with the most junk inside, not Buche's -- haha... (Buche)
41.) Small person / Big headphones / not Raven (Buche)
42.) Midget doin' the "pop, lock and drop it"
43.) Creatively placed OZ tag.

BONUS: a pair of shoes tied together and hanging from something (e.g. tree, cable, pole, etc.)

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