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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Filler Post #45 ½ - Photo Scavenger Hunt Update

I'm roughly halfway through the list and I have got my eyes set on Thursday as my deadline, the idea being that if I can't find the rest of the items by then, well...then they can't be found. At least that's the story that I'm going with...

I've found that my biggest limitation has been the overall shittiness of my camera. I can pretty much only take pictures of stationary objects and I kinda have to get really close so that you can tell what it is that I'm trying to photograph. On the other hand that kind of adds to the fun of it all.

Also interesting to note: some of the things that I thought would be pretty tough to find, turned out to be the stuff I found first. And then, some of the stuff that I thought would be easy to find, took forever -- for example I spent about 3 hours walking through just about every street in Schanze trying to get a viewable picture of an OZ tag in an interesting place. Finding an OZ tag is a piece of cake, there's like 500 million of them. Finding an OZ tag in an interesting place is also quite easy. However, getting in a position where the interesting tag can be photographed is a lot harder...especially considering the fact that I neither want to climb anything, nor do I want to run across subway tracks. It was probably one of my favorite tasks, however, because it was exactly what I was thinking about when I had the idea for this project in the first place.

Anyway, tune in on Thursday...I look forward to showing you all the results...

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