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Thursday, April 19, 2007

For Tunde

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This picture was truly a group effort. Originally (i.e. last Sunday morning around 3am), Wonfuzius spotted these boots tied around the handle of the door of shoe store in the Schanze. Last Sunday morning around 3am also happened to be the first day in about 2 weeks where I just happened to NOT have my camera on me. Wonfuzius, being the true friend that he is, somehow managed to untangle the Gordian knot that bound the boots to the door*. The next day, we went a-grillin' in Hayns Park, and once again I forgot my camera**. Wonfuzius hurled the boots into a tree and I used Buche's camera to document the event in the annals of history(?). So, it's kind of a staged photo, but whatevs.

In between the shoe-stealing action and the grilling, I found out from Schmidt, that the skate park he's always going to with his aerospace engineer/skateboarding crew*** has a tree that people throw shoes into. But too little, too late homie...we already done stolded them bewts.

I've been somewhat preoccupied this week, and as you can tell from this little anecdote, I didn't have my camera on me all that much. Don't fret however, a new weekend is approaching and it just so happens that my friend Benny is gonna be in town Saturday and some ish might go down on the Kiez****. At least that's what I'm hoping for.


* = This kinda leads me to believe that who ever tied them there did not want them to be removed...oh well.
** = I get very exited at the possibility of grilled meat.
*** = They're like the "cool kid table" in a lunchroom full of nerds -- the Aeroskategineers!
**** = 'Cuz you know how them boys from the BX roll, n****s is crazy! B-b-b-buxtehude!

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