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Friday, April 27, 2007

"It's just like 'Bier Nazi' Strasse, but with a 't' and a 'k'..."

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It's possible that I forgot to mention that I have moved out of my apartment in Barmbek and back in to my corner of Schmidt's room. Oops. My bad.

We (or rather, he) found a nice apartment in Altona and are set to move in as soon as we (and again, I mean 'he') install(s) the laminate flooring. Once that's complete, then we can move in, and then we can figure out how to put speakers in every room that connect to the turntables and THEN...we can throw a housewarming party.

It's a cute place that's merely a stone's throw from the Reeperbahn and the Elbe River. I'd categorize it under Plattenbau, but that's fine by me, cause I think Altbau is kinda snooty anyway.

Yesterday, we brought over most of the kitchen stuff. It's funny because between the two of us, we have a lot of useful kitchen ware, but there are also some noticeable gaps. For instance, as I was putting dishes in the cabinet, Schmidt (out of nowhere) says, "Kiwi Spoon."

"Beg your pardon?" I says.

"Brooks," he proudly declared, whilst holding up an object, "this is a Kiwi Spoon."

"Alllright, great..."

"You see, you use the knife-end to cut the kiwi in half and the spoon-end to eat the kiwi. Aria gave it to me."

He gave me that expectant, "Ta-Da!!!"-look

"Yeah, that's fabulous, Schmidt. Just one question. Do we even have any normal spoons?"

"Um, no."

"And there's just the one kiwi spoon?"



Technically, we do have a normal eating spoon, as Schmidt does have camping silverware (it looks like this). So I suppose we could make a schedule to determine whose turn it is to use the camping spoon and who's gonna have to eat their cornflakes with the kiwi spoon.

Anyway, on our way back to the bus stop, we saw a sign for a doctor's office that was pretty funny, so we took a picture of it.

(Click below for pic)

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It's an amusing name for a doctor. Depending on how you look at it, it's either fitting or inappropriate...

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