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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Playlist #4

I haven't done a playlist in awhile and wanted something to listen to while doing some proofreading. So, here's some music. The player is set on a random shuffle, because I just added all the songs without doing any arranging.

Lotsa stuff going on in the next few days. Today is Papa Brooks' birthday, please send my love Pickles. Tomorrow is my big 2-6, wherein I officially start the end of my mid-20s (a sad, sad day to say the least). And the day after is my oldest sister's birthday (60% of my immediate family was born in April). Also it's the day that Dude is coming to town!!! Yippee!

If you live in Hamburg, aren't doing anything tonight and don't have to work early or at all tomorrow, then feel free to come to this bar and consume beverages with me. Feel equally free to not do so...

Alternatively, you can come and party at the aforementioned bar on April 30th. It's sure to be a wild and wacky celebration of German Labor Day. Dude will be there and me and Schmidt will be on the ones and twos. If that is not a good enough reason to be there...well, then fuck you, Mr. Fancy Pants.

My official bday celebration will most likely take place in about a month. I shall keep you all advised.

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