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Monday, April 16, 2007

Special kids

I'm not quite sure of the legality of this video (somewhat borderline jailbaitery?) but it sure is funny. It was made by one of my former students (if you happen to remember my brief stint as a teacher at my former high school).

Anyway, the young man in the video is named Ben. He had a habit of coming to class without his homework and completely unprepared. But he was funny and would kind of make up his own "extra-credit projects" (technically not ever assigned by me) and turn them in -- the most memorable being the game "Extreme Vocabulary Bingo", complete with a rule book and tutorial video which somehow (randomly) incorporated a Dance Dance Revolution dance sequence. He quite possibly could have been on drugs, I don't know. I was a pretty crappy teacher, for the most part...

Four years later, Ben is now in the 11th grade and made a video about his search for a prom date. It's kind of a creepy premise, but definitely has its moments of comedy gold, plus I dig the nostalgia factor of good ol' Classen SAS used as the backdrop.

Note: it may also help to know that the school goes from grades 6-12

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