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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Bunch of Things on a Friday

Although MOP can refer to many things, I am indeed talking about the Mash Out Posse

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1.) Coming Soon: M.O.P. in the Schanzenpark.

Inspired by the Beer and Rap event (which was inspired by the Sabbath in the Park events), M.O.P in the Schanzenpark jacks a great idea and moves it to Germany. The idea? Kick it in a park, drink lots of beer and listen to M.O.P. -- the name says it all. We'll even thrown in some steaks. Why the Schanzenpark? a.) It's way more gully, and thus, more fitting than the Stadtpark. b.) The graphic makes more sense that way. Why not just call it "Getting Drunk in the Schanzenpark While Listening to Rap Music?" You just don't get it, do you, Bu?

The date is TBA, as my co-organizer, Schmidt, needs to be in town to attend. Also, it's been kinda raining and cold lately, which is perfectly fine for mashing out, but not so great for grilling.

2.) The Tall Can Marathon Pt. 2

Another, Beer and Rap genius idea that I've wanted to try. However, the specialness of the event would somehow be lost on Germans, I think. Basically, the idea is to have a wide variety of different types of beers to sample and rate (using questionnaires), you aren't allowed to repeat a specific type of beer until you've tried one of each. At the end, one type of beer is declared the best (based on the average score from the questionnaires) and there's also a winner for the person who manages to drink the most -- they win a prize of some sort and the honor and glory that comes with being a champion.

The catch? You're drinking tallboys the whole time. Those are the 16oz cans (vs. the "standard" 12 oz. cans). Or in some cases the 24oz cans. The reason that I don't think this wouldn't work here is twofold: 1.) Canned beer in Germany ONLY comes in "tallboy" cans (0.5 liter cans), which takes away some of the specialness of the event, rendering it "just nother night of drankin" 2.) There is a 25 cent deposit on cans (vs. the 8 cent deposit on bottles, whether they're the 0.5 liter bottles or the .33 liter bottles), making cans the expensive way to go for "just another night of drankin'"

There's also none of your classic malt liquor here, which serves to make things interesting. However, there are high-percentage that Danish stuff...or Polish and Czech beers, so perhaps substitutions could be made. Maybe, the whole thing will just be an unfulfilled dream of mine.

3.) Do my stuff What a great idea!

4.) Hot Fuzz

Saw it, loved it. Not as good as Shaun of the Dead; however, it's definitely worth multiple viewings...which I will do. Tonight, perhaps. I mean, Die Hard 4 will also be eventually seen at some point, but I'm just not that pumped about it. I'm just afraid it'll be all like how I got pumped up to go see Die Hard 3 and then how I just really wasn't feeling it. Bring back Carl Winslow!

5.) I'm thinking of having a contest.

Stay tuned for more details.

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