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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The wisdom of a child

I got an email this morning from Tunde who forwarded me an essay that his seven-year-old nephew, nicknamed Bookie, was instructed to write after hitting Tunde's other nephew (a two-year-old). The essay's topic? Reasons why you shouldn't pick on kids smaller than you. Regrettably, Tunde was unable to scan the real thing, as that would have been awesome. However, I've reproduced what I imagine the original essay looks like (click below to read it).

I'm amazed at this kid's maturity. At the tender age of seven, he's realized one of life's most important lessons: No matter how tempted you are to double backflip lightening kick or reverse and lunge punch someone in their stupid can't, you just can't. The end result is either death (bad) or severe neck pain (which anyone over 25 can tell you, it feels almost worse than death).

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For those of you having trouble reading the text, here it is again:

"The reason why I cant hit kids younger or smaller is because it can hert them (even though its fun to pick on little kids.) I have to stop picking on little kids because its mean. If I pick on little kids I'd try a double backflip lightneng kick with a reavers and lunge punch. I don't want to get in trouble or get beat up or bounced off the trampoline or head smacked into the wall. I will stop picking on little kids I done want to heart them or ill be heart most. I'll have to stop or my neick will hearting. I have fun with the small kids. Will I have fun with them I have to find out I will have fun I know I will I have to orells I am dead I will have to stay out of trouble."

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