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Friday, July 13, 2007

Quickies #9 - Last Night

Last Night:

* I read the following endorsement of Schmidt on Cupcake's blog:

I met Schmidt once when I was in Hamburg, so I can vouch for his quality. He seems to be a nice guy despite being confused about having two first names. When we went to his apartment it was dark, he had just woken up from a nap. He owns some very nice electronics. He has a nice job that requires him to travel to France a lot, I think he designs air planes. Yet I believe his preferred mode of in-city travel is still the skateboard. Also, he speaks English very well in that soft-spoken, sexy way that makes you question whether these people know your mother tongue better than you do.

...and she didn't even enter the contest!

* We (the aforementioned roommate and I) tried to go to the bar down the street called the Bierhütte (beer cottage, beer hut, beer shack...take your pick). Alas, it was not open for some reason. Highly disappointed, we headed back home -- but not before stopping by the gas station to pick up a six-pack of Jever -- and decided to watch a movie.

* Unfortunately, we decided to watch the movie Deja Vu, which was a gigantic piece of crap film. It was so awful that I'm not even gonna get into just how dumb I thought it was. Not even the mulatto chick could make me enjoy it...and we all know how much I love mulattos. One time, I saw a movie about an aging Elvis Presley who hadn't died, was living in a nursing home in Texas and who had befriended an also not dead JFK (who had been dyed black after his assassination attempt). Together they fought a mummy who sucked the souls out of the elderly...through their asses. That was a much more convincing plot than "Denzel magically goes back in time to save a Halle Berry doppelgänger".

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