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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Brushes with Fame

I find this video amusing for two reasons:

1.) It makes me think of my roommate.

2.) It reminds me of the time when I worked in a call center at the Shittiest Place I've Ever Worked. Ever. and Louis C.K. came on my line to tell me that he had lost/forgotten some type of personal item in his rental car. Keys or a cell phone, I don't really recall. I knew I recognized his voice from somewhere and I tried really hard to find his lost thing...but to no avail. It was literally the only time I felt bad for not being able to help someone at that piece of shit job. I mean, c'mon...he directed Pootie Tang fer Christ's sake. Also, despite his dilemma, he didn't act like an asshole. Always a plus with me...

(Click Below for More)

Oddly enough, here is another Louis C.K. directed video that reminds me of my roommate...(probably not safe for work, by the way)

Anyway...I just think he's very funny. You can go to YouTube and search for his bits or check out his special, Shameless.

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