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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Filler Post # 58 - Alster Fig Newton

On Sunday, the same day that I wrote my last update, I went to the last day of the Alstervergnügen with Schmidt and Lady Etch. At first it was gonna just be me and Etch, but then I decided to be nice and invite roomie, too. I kinda wanted to stay and walk around and possibly see the fireworks later, but that didn't happen. However, Etch and I filled out some cards so that we could try to be in the studio audience for the talk show Britt, which is sort of cool in a "'s something to do" kind of way. Plus, they mentioned food and 2 free drinks. I don't know if said drinks are alcoholic, but knowing me and doesn't really matter.

Our merry group also ran into French Christoph and Vinodh and some other dude, who recognized me from Rudolf-Laun-Haus, but I sure didn't recognize him. This actually isn't that noteable, except for the fact that I run into French Christoph fairly often in Altona these days, he's like some kind of freakin' suit-wearing consultant-type guy now -- and lives in Altona. I totally used to have a mini-crush on his weird curly-haired, sandal-wearing, Gauloises-smoking, Peugeot shitbucket-driving, unshaved self. What can I say? I went to the Biancadonk School of Dirty Guys That Clean Up Nice. For real though, dude cleans up quite nice, even though I miss the curly hair. Curly hair is the eternal hotness.


Anyway, the highlight of the day was stopping at one of the performance stages and watching two old grannies getting crunk to a band playing rockabilly cover tunes. They looked like they were having a shitload of fun. Plus, I think just about everyone with a video capturing device was filming them -- including myself, sans sound:

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