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Thursday, August 16, 2007


'Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat,' Says General

There's a part of me that wishes that this was a real interview with a real general, even though I know that military leaders kinda don't give a crap about anyone, really.

In other news, here's some rather boring stuff that I've been pondering this morning. Schmidt invited me to DJ with him at the 30th birthday party of a mutual friend of ours. I'm looking forward to this box social very much, because, first of all, the guy throws pretty awesome parties. But then I was thinking that I didn't want to DJ, because that would kind of put pressure on me to be at the party the whole time, and the dorm is not very close to where I live anymore. I mean I probably will be there until the bitter end anyway...but I don't like to be "tied down" ya know?

But then, I actually bothered to read the whole invitation and I noticed that the party is gonna be in the Hamburger Berg... which means if worse comes to worse, I can basically walk home. Score.

The second reason why I'm looking forward to the party is because it will give me the opportunity to holla at a guy, at whom I have been (passively?) trying to holla for quite some time now. He's pretty much guaranteed to be there and I'm pretty much guaranteed to strike out pretty badly, but I figure, if Schmidt and I will be DJing...then, at least I'll get to hear some good music.

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