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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Prepare yourself for a bit of Ctrl + D action!!!

Or whatever your browser's bookmark function happens to be.

Anyway, for some dumbass reason or another, I decided to start up a group blog. It's partly due to gettting emails from friends who have things they want me to post on my blog, but refuse to make one themselves. It's partly about me wanting to write some different kind of stuff somewhere else. I kinda got a whole "thing" going on with this here page and I don't want to go and eff it all up, now.

So, I asked a few people if they wanted to participate. Some already have their own blogs, some don't. And don't go getting your panties all in a twist if I haven't asked you (yet?). If you really want to participate just let me know. There's a loose "evil henchmen after hours" type theme going on, which (if you think about it) pretty much gives people a lot of room for playing around. The only catch is that I get to pick/approve your handle.

It's still kind of a work in progress, but I'm anxious to see how this little experiment goes. By the way, I'm not abandoning this page...just giving you a second opportunity to waste your time at work on the internet.

Check it out, son: Evil Minions, Inc.

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