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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quickies #11 - Onion Pie

I kinda wish my camera wasn't so shit-tacular, because the view that I get on the way to work everyday on the way to the new FHHM office is really beautiful (when it's not all gray and rainy) and my little crappy light and shadow capturing device does not do it justice at all.

Well, let's see, I caught myself a pretty decent cold the other day, which has kind of put a damper on my weekend plans, not to mention also my ability to breathe properly. And has basically reduced me to a mucous-spewing mess. I could really use some Nose Better.

Yesterday evening I took it easy. I introduced Schmidt to the awesomeness that is 30 Rock, which he seems to enjoy much more than Arrested Development (I guess I can forgive him for that, though). Then, The Boy came over to take care of me and make me a Zwiebelkuchen (procured from his grandmother for the express purpose of making it for me). He did a pretty good job of pretending to not be grossed out by my snot-encrusted face. Ah, the youth of today -- with their eagerness to please and their strong immune systems...

Cheffe swooped in for a bit, crashed on our couch and left us delicious handmade chocolate this morning. You are always welcome at our place. Just say the word and I'll let you cuddle with Schmidt for as long as you need to.

I finally got my window shade put up last night, so I slept in very comfortably this morning. I plan to do so again tonight. But first, I'm going to Sarah's for another home cooked meal. Then maybe out on the town for a bit, if I feel up to it.

Tomorrow will be a busy work day. Also, gotta purchase tickets to OKC. Details for the Oklahomies to be announced shortly.

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