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Monday, November 26, 2007

Party Time, Excellent Part II

Brooks & Der Teigel, keepin it real

On Saturday, I woke up.

Having not fucked around with too much random alcohol, I was doing pretty ok. Schmidt and I managed to make it to a restaurant/café near the Rübenkamp S-Bahn station, which despite being way-ass far from our apartment, is good for some brunchy good times. We usually meet up there when Cracky McGee is in town visiting his sister. This time Der Teigel was present.

Der Teigel is one of Schmidt's old chums from Dortmund. I met him once around five years ago, when he came to visit Schmidt while he was still living in the dorm. He's way fun -- and I fully believe that he should teach Schmidt about talking to girls, cause he's way good at it.

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Anyway, to appease the Bed Bitch, later on in the day I procured some felt and foam to make my bed squeak-free. Henceforth, you are dead to me, Bed Bitch.

Then, it was on to more partying. The Boy turned 21 yesterday and two of his friends (The Boy's boys, so to speak) came to Hamburg from Dresden to help him celebrate. We walked around the Reeperbahn with a little set of speakers to pump up the hot jams and whatnot. My good ol' giant Mercedes symbol was hauled out and worn with much style. Random people complimented it.

In contrast to Friday's partying, Saturday was spent mixing many different types of alcohol. Vodka Ahoi, Mexikaner, Beer, Jägermeister -- and alas, my liver is no longer 20-years-old.

I held out for as long as I could, managing to accompany The Boy and his boys to Nevada, which was the least expensive strip club that was near to where we were.

Now, here's the deal. I don't have the slightest problem with strip clubs. However, for me it defeats the purpose if I'm paying to get in. In OKC, the whole point of going to a strip club is so that I don't have to pay a cover charge. But whatever...I figured it's one of those things you just have to suck up and do...because 1.) The Boy is only gonna turn 21 once and 2.) I wanted to see what the differences were.

It's kinda like how I went to German court so that I could compare it to what I know about American court -- except with titties.

Well, it was pretty disappointing. Maybe German strippers don't have to work as hard for tips. Plus, there's the whole thing where there are no 1 Euro bills...and the ladies might not appreciate being pelted with coins. But I expected to see at least some freaking dancing or like some jiggling ta-tas...

There weren't none of that. Just lackluster walking around a pole. Once a dancer was all nekkid, it was like "Auf Wiedersehen, bitches!" and they left the stage. It was kinda sad. And not even the American stripper kind of sad...just mostly the disappointing and boring kind of sad.

But I guess if it was your first time in a strip club it might be ok. And I didn't hear The Boy complaining, so it couldn't have been all that bad.

And no...I didn't pay for him to get a lapdance. That ish is expensive.

I ended up packing it in around 4am, leaving The Boy and his boys to have their own adventures for the next four hours, the highlight of which was apparently how they got 2 eels and a shitload of fish for 15 Euros at the fish market.

Oh to be young again...

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